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But as possible reduce

injury for you from it

—Water oxidation-

resistance meter—

what efficacy is there

Exclusively authorized wordwide healthcare

functional water in the scientific community

Three innovational functions

Water content is more 1.5 times than same product


Theoretic concentration for soluble water under ambient temperature accesses to 1000ppb

About water concentration of Aqua Perfect, several test values done by Japanese testing meter

It will bring large errors in concentration value for general product in the market after tested by simple meter, it is impossible for test value of more than nominal 1000 under ambient temperature

Exclusively industrial and patented sterilization mode,handle of cleanup

Aqua Perfect water oxidation-resistance meter

applies for patent sterilization technology of Japanese Komi Hirose

Handle of cleanup, and keep up much cleaner and healthier.

Built-in vitamin solvent inhibitor, keep up better taste and more nutrient

Aqua Perfect base is characterized by special design structure, with built-in special Vitamin C and Catechin solvent inhibitor, which can slowly solve into water after it encounters water, and retain it for a week, improve taste and become more nutrient.

—Water oxidation-

resistance meter—

Why do you select

Aqua Perfect

Aqua Perfect Aqua Perfect magic beauty meter

Powerful technology and quality assurance

Japanese nanoTime brand make powerful alliance with Japanese Komi Hirose to bring to beauty and health

It was founded by personal hair-dressing specialist in yokohama (Japan) in 2003, nowadays hair-dressing household product spreads offline licensing shop in Japan, broke through sales records several times, which was frequently publicized at Japanese Popularity magazine and TV media. About Aqua Perfect product, NanoTime has self-run product incorporation and sales services

Komi Hirose Electromechanical Co., Ltd

With history of development for over seventy years, it becomes the biggest world-class connector supplier, Tokyo acts as headquarter, it still sets up several subsidies in several countries. Nowadays, its product involves with industries for special medical equipment and household electric appliance, even ranks the leading level. Komi Hirose makes technical support to Aqua Perfect product

Aqua Perfect for beauty and aging resistance

Oral intake of water created at Aqua Perfect shall fast enter blood circulation, eliminate free radicals, adjust for physical mechanism and internal health, improve skin health from internal skin to external one

external application features oxidation resistance, inflammation resistance and allergy resistance, effectively mitigate skin aging from free radicals, thus improve dryness, wrinkle or darkness of physical skin

Improve hum metabolism, retain health and beauty from internal skin to external one

Health and beauty comes from several cups of water drunk per day. Water made by Aqua Perfect features little molecular water, with fat-soluble efficacy, effective reduction of residual fat of internal organs and blood vessel, improvement of physical metabolism and repair, thus improve some symptoms such as high blood pressure, high blood fat, fatty liver and diabetes.

Mitigate muscle ache, fast recover muscle vigor

acting as new healthcare product

Water made by Aqua Perfect (acting as new healthcare product) shall mitigate accumulated lactic acid while eliminating free radicals, mitigate fatigue and muscle ache after sports;

meanwhile, its little molecular water may fast make up water for physical body, reinforce cell vigor and fast recover physical power and skin vigor.

Personalized design for more convenience and easy use

Battery capacity

Built-in big-capacity cell for Aqua Perfect, it can be used for over one week after charge (calculated per four cups of water drunk per day), at the same time, you can easily drink healthcare water anywhere and at any time

Patent sterilization mode

Patent sterilization mode, handling of issues such as cleanup or deteriorated water of same product, with hospitable design

Waterproof design

PX5 seal and waterproof design, good and easy use

Better taste for vitamin

Built-in vitamin and Catechi, improve taste and retain good drinking

Product description

(Aqua Perfect Water oxidation-resistance meter)


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