nanoTime beauty HR : small pan with big fish


Last two weeks, nanotime beauty have brain storm, I am shocked, ask myself: what the hell do I do to my pass time.


Hey, I am not a good writer, I can not collect all the information here. But I share a very interested story for you, which make me reflection

A guy meet another guy, who is at fishing, but he is very strange, when he get a big fish, he drop it back to the sea, all he have is small fish, he feel very strange, and ask him, why you do this,

The guy said, I only have small pan for small fish, I don’t have a pan can enough for big fish.


You think the guy is funny right? Me too, but…

I find I am the guy, I am afraid to have big aim, because at present I only have these little resource

I am afraid to face the big aim… i don’t have this, I don't have that, I am only can do this.. so I can not go there….


I start change now.

Thank you nanotime Beauty.

You not only give me beauty face, but also beauty mind.



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