what’s the difference between nanomix and facial steamer

There are so many beauty sprayer on market, you may confuse with them.
Some called facial steamer, from the word you can see it is a steamer for face, it can be cold steamer, it can be warm steamer, usually these kind of is a little large one, will be used in home or office. After you remover make up, clean your face, then use this kind of steamer to open your pore, then apply serum or cream on your skin, or even mask, it will be helpful for more absorption.
Another facial steamer is portable, it is handy, the technology is ultrasound, mostly for water, some can atomize cosmetics only you find right device with right cosmetics. Usually this for keep face always moist, especially in air, or air-condition room long time, your skin will feel dry, then you need it to keep face moist. It is very useful and fashion. For this technology you can search nanospray, or nanotime handy
But today I would like you know the difference between nanomix and the above facial steamer.
Nanomix series use different technology, it is by air pressure, which suitable for atomize toner, lotion, essence, serum, foundation, even cream. 
It is portable, rechargeable, and not change the cosmetics, can you imagine, currently we apply cosmetics by hands, it not so clean, and it flow to everywhere on your hand, after you apply it with nanomix series, it will solve this trouble, and much convenient, it atomize cosmetics very thin and fine on face, make the particle to nanosize, it will be more absorption, more clean.
It can be use at home, also portable.  
If you are cosmetics businessman, you will find after you match the nanomix device with your cosmetics as a set, your cosmetics sales will grow raptly
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