----Handy Hair Removal
Double-clean hair removal, allowing you to fully enjoy pleasant smoothness
depiTime+ new-generation efficient epilator
Pure physical hair removal technology,safe,painless and without any side
effect,“one step”Hair Removal
Choosing a wrong hair removal will result in more serious hair problem
Double-clean hair removal, allowing you to fully enjoy pleasant smoothness
Imported with the original packaging from Japan, depiTime+ brings you quality assurance.
Applying Pure physical hair removal technology,depiTime+ is safe,painless and without any side effect.
Double-clean hair removal is easy and effective.
Integrated design and fashionable appearance, depiTime+ is easy to use.

Another highlight of Depitime+ epilator

——Carbonization device

① Adopted newest alumina ceramic technology , carbonization device drastically changes the deforming problem of plastic material in the markets and largely extend s its service life.

② Aerospace –level natural health ceramic material, anti-high temperature, lower heat conduction,hardness above 1500HV,no deformation.

③ 180°curved face design, multiple deep processing grinding,skin-friendly,smooth,endurable ,comfortable touch, protecting your tender skin, experiencing more safe,smooth epilation.

3D elastic skin-fitting system: more comfortable
Sensing switch system: more safe and reliable, more power-saving
Smart anti-burn system: the thermal head in working status can intelligently judge the working conditions
The power will be cut off automatically when the device is in idle state more than 7 seconds
Three-grade temperature control system: more precise
Design of 1MM distance to skin surface: safer
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Imported with the original packaging from Japan, depiTime+ brings you quality assurance.
Beauty appliances brand - nanoTime Beauty, selling well in Japan, integrates ceramic carbonization
apparatus and mechanical hair removal technology and has won an international patent. Featuring professional
anti-counterfeit identification function and quality assurance, it has become the specialized choice of more than
tens of thousands of women worldwide.
Product Parameter
Product name: depiTime+ new-generation efficient epilator
Adapter (input): AC100 - 240V~50 - 60Hz 0.6A
Dynamic current range: 50 - 200mA
Product dimensions: H130mm X W56mm X D35mm
Body material: ABS body, ceramic cutter head, titanium steel blade net
Standby current:
Adapter (output): DC9V – 500mA
Working voltage range: DC5.5V – 8.5V
Product weight: 116g
Product origin: Japan
More efficient double physical carbonization and double-clean hair removal
Carbonization hair removal technology is a safe,painless and international advanced New Technology. After launched to the market, the product has become popular in the international beauty market and is favored by users, especially female users.

depiTime+ is the hair removal with the latest-generation carbonization technology. Based on carbonization hair removal technology, the product integrates Machinery blade hair removal device and applies double physical thermal blade design to achieve the better effect of double-clean hair removal.
●   When being used, depiTime+ should be at an angle of 90° with your skin in the process and be moved against the direction of hair growth.
●   Ceramic carbonization device can carbonize hair bodies, shrink hair follicles and pores, and improve your skin.
●   Titanium steel blade net can remove carbonized hairs, thus further smoothing and cleaning your skin.
Ceramic carbonization device:
Pure Physical hair removal, it is easy to use, safe and painless.

depiTime+ use the Thermal conduction principle. Thermal energy acts on hair roots through hair medulla layer to vaporizes hair papilla nutrient and make hairs naturally fall off. As the thermal blade does not act on the surface of skin directly, it will not cause burn risks and can efficiently get rid of redundant hairs on your body with no pain.
Skin-friendly titanium steel blade net:
Adopting mechanical technique and traditional ways, depiTime+ is safe and reliable.

The second layer titanium steel blade net of depiTime+ adopts traditional mechanical shaving technology. It is easy to use and can clean carbonized hairs for the second time without causing any risk.
When ceramic carbonization device is acting on hair bodies
Hair bodies above the carbonization device are cut off, and those under the carbonization device are instantly
carbonized and shrink; Thermal energy is conducted to the roots of hair follicles to vaporize hair papilla nutrient
and damage hair bulb structure so as to restrain growth of hairs.
Principle and usage cycle
When the carbonization device acts on hair bodies, heat energy is conducted to hair follicles to vaporize hair papilla nutrient and thus restrain growth of hairs. After using this device for a period, you will find your hairs become thinner, hair density lower and growth slower.
Involuting period
During first month using the device, the
regrowth rate of hair obviously becomes
slower, about 2/3 of the former rate.
Hairs become thinner and skin becomes
smoother and tighter.
Resting period
During 2nd - 4th month , the regrowth
rate of hairs is 1/3 of the former rate
or remains unchanged.
Hairs become fewer and thinner.
Falling-off period
During the 4th – 6th month , hair bodies fall
off from hair follicles and residual
roots go out, thus achieving the aim
of hair removal.
Before and After
Fashionable lines, easy operation
Streamline design brings you perfect hand feel. It is easy to hold, allowing hair removed smoothly; with exquisite adjustment buttons, it allows you to save effort and be free from worry.
Attention before using the device
Charging procedure and status
Cutter head installation status
Hot-line cutter head
Cleaning pad using method
Detailed steps
1 If your hairs are too long, please cut the hairs short to less than 5mm~1cm before using the device.
2 Confirm the cutter head sign and temperature grade sign on the display screen.
3 Give a long press on the switch button until the display screen goes on after making sure that the cutter head is installed correctly.
4 Place the positive side of the display screen towards yourself and put it on the unwanted hair.
5 Move the device gently on the surface of skin at the speed of 3-4cm/second.
6 Remove hairs in every area for about two minutes.
7 Adjust temperature according to the thickness and hardness of hairs.
8 Use the prepared cleaning pad to sweep the residual on the surface of skin after hair removing.


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