Intelligent face cleansing technology,10-time effect than by hands.

4 Smart Modes

Collecting large amount of clinical trial data from professional beauty institutions, Nanocleaner defines three kinds of smart modes , such as standard skin mode, sensitive skin mode and tender skin mode, according to requirements of facial clean and zero damage principle.

Different modes, different washing time, different vibration intensity and different rotation speed.

With the brush head of different specifications, it fits for men and women as well as different skin.

Turn & Shake

Nanocleaner innovatively integrates double-cleansing technology of " high frequency vibration" and " low frequency rotation". Its brush head is divided into inside and outside circles, with high frequency vibration of outside circle for deep cleansing and low frequency of inside circle for surface cleansing to reach double cleansing.

Synchronizing using data / Personalized APP default Face cleansing mode / Terminal APP control

Intelligent design, built-in WIFI, bluetooth anddata storage module, it can intelligently connect the APP of beauty steward, achieve online service and interaction and bring more professional experience.

  • More intuitively checking use tutorial, interactive instruction and demo video makes you understand the product more simple and profound.

  • Intelligently recording data of your washing face, large capacity data storage and checking report of face washing make face-wash become more scientific and pertinent.

  • Smart face washing advice push, designed for your habits.

You can create your own account on “beauty steward” and cloud system permanently stores beauty data for you.

Online beauty experts provide you with professional beauty diagnosis and advices.

Traditional face cleansing by hand

It can clean the dirt on skin surface,but can’t wash away dirt deep in pores.

Cleaning is necessary for daily skin care, but traditional methods can not achieve the ideal skin luster.

Smart face cleansing apparatus

In addition to outer bristles of high frequency vertical vibration to purify blackheads and dirt, the brush head is also matched inner bristles of bidirectional low frequency rotation. So, it can gently remove residue and dirt on skin surface and achieve double cleansing.

adopts the body waterproof design of " IPX7 "level and can be used for washing and shower.



Equipped with wireless sensor charging base, self charging and self cutting off when puting in the base. 600mAh large capacity polymer lithium battery, full power available for half a month.


Fashion design, exquisite workmanship, integrating fashion and scientific technology Portable travel special protective box, traveling with your own washing artifact Free exquisite hair hoop made in Japan as a present High-grade gift packaging, highlighting quality and taste, best gift for goddess



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