Nuanced Nourishment


( It can easily nebulize all kinds of aquiform skin care products like toner, lotion, restraining water, and smoothing toner.)

● The first skin apparatus that can nebulize all kinds of aquiform skin care products.

● nanoMix-H with ultra-high pressure of 85 kPa

● Portable design, highly efficienty skin care in 20 seconds.

● Penetrate into skin and nourish the skin deeply.

According to a latest US study:

Our hands carry an 10 million bacteria on average

People use their hands to touch 3783 objects every day on average. Our hands carry 10 million bacteria on average.

Those bacteria can contaminate the skin care products and thus the skin can be affected

Daily skincare and maintenance are applied with the help of hands.We wash hands every day, but the remaining bacteria can still contaminate and infect the skin care product and our skin

Bacteria can thrive in the place touched by hands

Spread your hand in the petri dish. The place touched by your hand will breed bacteria

Have you encountered have such problems?

Droplets from portable sprayer over the surface of the skin, and swap your delicate makeup.

Only common toner can be applied by portable apparatus, and the more sticky toners must be diluted before use, but you fear dilution may produce negative effect on the product

Toner and essence with high oiliness and viscosity need to be applied by hands, which would cause the before mentioned problem

nanoMix H Portable Deluxe Skin Activating Apparatus is to solve these problems.

With nanoMix H,you can take moisturizing and skincare any time anywhere

Portable and easy to use, bringing skincare anytime anyplace

● With a 16*4.2 small size, you can carry it wherever you go

● One hand operation, one button switch, highly efficient skincare in 20 seconds

● USB rechargeable, full electricity at any time.

Bring perfectly deep moisturizing and reactivate skin absorption capacity

Nanometer atomizing skincare molecules in aerosol mixture state promptly penetrates into pore, and enhances skin absorbing capacity

Strong spraying power, 300mm spray distance, high density of Nano skincare particles

Well-distributed spraying and moderate coverage, no skincare product wasted

( Note: Depending on the situation, it is suggested to keep a distance of about 10~20 cm between the nozzles and your skin, and do not linger over one place during the spraying process.)

Separate air and liquid, avoid air contamination

contact stain, offering perfect skincare

80% of pimplesand acnes are caused by infections due to dirt residual.

Air-liquid separation and creative structure design, keeping skincare product in the air free water tank and avoid contamination.

On spraying, the mist spray module penetrates into skin bottom, avoiding residual on the surface, and to a great extent prevents air contamination and hand-contact contamination

Equipped with special liquid-filling bottle

It is equipped with special liquid-filling bottle (50 ml). The customer can easily fill the skincare product into the tank, and it can be used for several days.

Fast and simple one-button operation

By only pressing the power button quick atomization and absorption can be achieved, it spares you from carrying with bottles and jars or swapping makeup by traditional sprayer.

Steps of use

Cleaning steps

Technical parameters/Product structure


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