Portable and Deluxe Skin Activating Apparatus


nanoMix would turn the highly viscous skincare products into nano scale atomized particles and spread them evenly on the skin to promote nutrient absorption and achieve the multiple effects such as whitening, oil-controlling, wrinkle-resistance, skin aging prevention skin tendering and sun-blocking.

Free from Smog
Pure Skin Nourishing

Based on the nanoatomization technology and powered by high-energy air pressure equipment, skin activating apparatuswould turn the highlyviscous skincare products into nanoscale atomized particles and spread them evenly on the skin.Built-in powerful air filter, it can prevent pollution and isolate smog to achieve pury skin care.

Simple operation, highly efficient skin care

The user can easily make skin care products added to the storage bottle (capacity 15ml), with adding one time for a week.

One button operation, quick and easy

A key operation to realize fast skin care, efficient absorption, no need to apply by hands.

Nano pneumatic spray can turn the skincare products with high stickiness into nano atomized particles,through the pneumatic equipmentcompressing air to reach 300MPA, fast atomizing skincare products to nanoscale particles which will penetrate into bottom of skin.

Pneumatic device would generate air pressure and atomize the cosmetics and apply it evenly on the epidermis evenly.Separation of Gas and Liquid, Zero touch infection, No harm to the skin.

Experiment shows:

normal methods left 90% of the cosmetics on the epidermis, which is quite a waste. Meanwhile, the left cosmetics would absorb harmful materials in the air, and the pores would probably be blocked, which might result in inflammation.

Deep skin nourishing, refresh the skin absorption ability

Atomized particles would penetrate through the pores and into the dermis and arrive at the subcutaneous layer. The skin would absorb the nutrients fully, without any remains on the epidermis.

For a low viscosity skin care products

For a medium viscosity skin care products

For a high viscosity skin care products

nanoMix Deluxe Skin Activating Apparatus

Product parameters / Product structure

Power(adapter INPUT): AC100-240V ∽50-60Hz

(OUTPUT) :DC12V -2 A

Output Power Dissipation:≤24W

Machine noise: ≤65dB

Working temperature: -20℃--+70℃

Standby working current: ≤30mA

Flow amount: ≤14L

Maximum working pressure of air pump: 300kpa±20kpa

Working voltage range:DC12V

Dynamic current range: ≤2A


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