First type of hous-ehold smart skinactivation meter in the world

Revolutionary skincare tools changing use mode of skincare product

What is

core value

Smart test for human body,directly caring effect

It enters into close communication with beauty,specialist and consumers based upon precise beauty data

What is it used for

Pulverize different cosmetics

it is one kind of dreamy and indispensable beauty tool for female

Patent technology shall meet skincare product and cosmetics that pulverize different viscosities

Several import function for massage

Promote absorption for skincare product and promote use frequency

(Note: you shall select for detail of import performance and modes during product customization)

What are the


Compatible capsule skincare product, innovate package style of cosmetics, with more healthy and scientific feature

Capsule skincare product is fully new packaging style and conceptual product, with high-end and high-class, acid-resistance, cleanness and convenience and easy use. NanoMix smart skin activation meter (household version) is right magic skincare product specially matching with such new concept

Structural schematics

What is it used

for on earth


It makes into pulverization and absorption for skincare product of different viscosities such as skin-refreshing water,kin milk and essence etc, bring better skincare experience and new differentiation advantage for market


More even pulverization and spraying,import meter further promotes its absorption and greatly improves absorptivity for skincare product, brings better skincare effect


Smart design, skin testing and Smart APP link sets up nanoMix as direct exchange bridge between manufacturer and you, thus make you care for your skin in more scientific, reasonable and effective mode.


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