what’s nanomix series---nanotime beauty cosmetics atomizer and aerosol system

Nanomix is new technology for cosmetics specially, what’s so special? 
Normally we apply cosmetics & skin care products by hands, we put on hands first then rub on face. By hands is not convenient and not clean, usually women apply not only one cosmetics at one time, they have several need to apply to face, this much inconvenient.
Nowadays, we use nanomix atomizer device, put your cosmetics inside or we make cosmetics capsule for you if you do cosmetics business, then put your capsule inside, just put the button, your cosmetics will be atomize out on your face, very evenly and confortable, and it more absorption for your skin, you can bring it to anywhere anytime, you will reliable on it after you use it, it suitable for toner, lotion, essence, serum, foundation and cream…, can you imagine how it amazing. 
In future, most cosmetics will together with beauty device for market, because beauty device can help cosmetics more absorption, and more good effective on skin.


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