how feel of nanotime beauty facial brusher

I have experience nanotime beauty facial brusher for couple of month, it is amazing.
Because I am sensitive skin, so I use the silicon gel head most, it is very comfortable and very clean. Once I use, I never use other brushes. It vibrate, but not too strong like others, it just perfect. With some facial clean foam, you can feel it very clean, because the both of the brush head and the silicon head, they are both with ion+ technology, it absorb dirties from the pores. 
It have three different mode, you can choose different mode as your like, different mode which means different rate of rotating.
I use it every day, and I recommend it to all my friends, all they like it very much. 
It is not normal brush, it is with a ultrasound importing head, after you wash your face, and applying serum or essence, use the ultrasound importing head, your essence will be more absorption. 
Try it if any chance!  
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