Group introduction

Limited Company 405 is an intelligent creation-oriented technology group integrating future personal beauty care instrument R&D, production, supply, operation and management in one. It is devoted to technological innovation in the personal beauty care field and meeting people’s pursuit of life quality. Its nanoTime Beauty series products have become a strong and reliable brand spreading to the markets all over the world and have helped tens of thousands of people get rid of troubles and find their beautiful and confident life.

Fantastic teams - coming for your beauty

Design team – power of innovation

nanoTime Beauty has design studios in China, Japan, the UK and many other places and a professional design team of more than 100 people and has won a great number of international design awards. nanoTime Beauty’s product design is aimed at “meeting with success and leading science and technology in the future

R&D team – power to make dreams come true

nanoTime Beauty has more than 100 R&D professionals from various countries and research labs in China and Japan, and it has created a number of international patents and quite a few electronic beauty products that lead the market

Advanced manufacturing system – power of technology

Japanese production lines, strict manufacturing procedure and excelsior manufacturing processes endow nanoTime Beauty with a global view and guarantee the quality of products

Perfect quality management – power of professionalism

Adhering to the principle of “providing quality services and being customer-oriented”, we have been making efforts to improve the quality management system so as to ensure outstanding quality of products

Sincere marketing – power of role models

We promise to do business sincerely, to share and to reach a win-win situation. We are devoted to being a responsible manufacturer and brand, sincerely treating every customer, business partner and user

Authoritative certification and honors

Development history


The Group was founded

Limited Company 405 was established, specializing in operating beauty care products


nanoTime Beauty brand was born

A number of beauty care experts jointly researched and developed the application of nanotechnology in household beauty appliances and skincare products - nanoTime Beauty (NTB) brand was thus born.


Brand internalization started

405 Limited Company (Shenzhen)


nanoTime Beauty brand swept Japan

nanoTime Beauty brand’s household beauty appliances and skincare products sold well in Japanese market. In September of the same year, nanoTime Beauty’s Handy Moist Mist came into the market and soon became popular in Japanese market


nanoTime Beauty brand developed in Asia

Handy 2s Moist Mist upgraded products were launched to the market, nanoTime Beauty brand’s popularity in Asia rapidly rose, with its annual turnover in the Southeast Asia market exceeding 100 million Yuan and that in China breaking through 50 million Yuan


Brand internalization saw its milestone

depiTime carbonization painless epilators were successfully launched and saw the good sales result of 2,000 units/hour


nanoTime Beauty brand is localized in China

In January 2012, Shenzhen Kizoku Life Technology Company Limited was formally established, indicating that nanoTime Beauty brand started to enter the Chinese Mainland market. nanoTime Beauty brand’s second-generation depiTime+ carbonization epilators featuring double-clean hair removal have been launched to the market and sold very well, thus having further expanded such international markets as China, Europe, the USA etc and greatly enhanced the popularity and reputation of the brand

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