Service Policy

For all products of nanotime Beauty bought by consumers through legitimate channels of purchase, any performance failure not caused by artificial damage, shall enjoy the "repair, replace or return" (the "three guarantees") service commitment from Shenzhen Kizoku Life Technology Co.Ltd.

First, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, please consumers focus on the following information:

At the time of purchase, please contact the seller and fill in the warranty card completely, correctly and truthfully;

Please keep well the warranty card and purchase invoices;

Please bring repair warranty card and original invoice, warranty card and invoice shall be sealed subject to the seller, and may not be altered;

The warranty period shall be calculated from the date of invoice issuing (the invoice date must be the same as the actual purchase date written on warranty card ).

Second, in the normal process to use products of nanotime Beauty, if any performance failure not due to human damage occurs, consumers shall enjoy the following three warranties:

products of nanotime Beauty warranty period of one year.

Within the warranty period, if any performance failure occurs not because of artificial damage, consumers enjoy free warranty service.

Within 7 days since the date of purchase, if any performance failure occurs not because of artificial damage, consumers can choose to return, replacement or repair.

Third, the following circumstances not covered by the warranty, nanotime Beauty or its authorized service center shall implement reasonable maintenance fees:

Not within the period of validity;

No warranty card and valid invoice;

Warranty certificate does not match the product model mark or the warranty certificate has been altered;

Damages caused by the use, keeping,and maintenance not conforming to the manual requires;

Damages caused by disassemble or repair without the authorization of nanotime Beauty;

Flooding, broken or printed circuit board burned;

Damage of the product surface during use, except the breakage caused by structure or shell material factors;

Damage caused by force majeure.

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