The first intelligent home beauty instrument in the global

Smart tender skin apparatus

Intelligent beauty Luxurious experience

Smart tender skin apparatus

With design idea of simply –use intelligent products, matched intelligent chips and modes, HD LCD system,it helps realize professional home beauty care of beauty salon level and easy operation of fool.

nanoSkin, the world’s first multi-functional, intelligent smart tender skin apparatus, helps you with anti-wrinkle and aging, skin-firming and face-lifting, deep cleaning and nourishing beauty and keeps you youthful appearance.

Intelligent temperature control system tests skin temperature ,

exercising more professional beautification

nanoSkin intelligent temperature control system automatically tests hypoderm temperature under RF, and emits a beep when it reaches 42~45 degree to activate collagen,and achieve more professional operation of the smart tender skin apparatus.

Wisdom life  Intelligent beauty

nanoSkin ,the world’s first smart tender skin apparatus, intelligently connecting to APP of intimate "BEAUTY TIME beauty steward”, starting the new era of intelligent beauty.

BEAUTY TIME – My intelligent beauty butler

nanoSkin comes with built-in WIFI, Bluetooth, data storage module, and intelligent APP connecting to “Beauty butler” for monitoring personal beauty state.

nanoSkin intelligently keeps record of the user’s skin care process, and also provides local data storage, beauty report review, keeping you clear with each skin care detail and making skin care more scientific and targeted.

Customer may check user file, instructions, and video demo on the APP, intuitively and easily understands how to use cosmetic tools in the beauty salon. Smart push beauty advises, customer design based on your habits, it is the sweet beauty butler exclusively for you.

Adopted intelligent design, supported upgrade of OTA soft ware, nanoSkin customizes unique beauty ways and products according to your habits. Free upgradeof soft ware makes it updated.

RF collagen renewal and skin activating + EMS face-lift and shaping + ION deep cleansing + ENI high moisturizing + COOL pore tightening

RF collagen activation makes your skin smooth and tender, fades dull and fights aging process!

Originated from professional radio frequency cosmetic technique, promote skin metabolism and collagen activation, making skin smooth and tender, fading dull and fighting aging process.

EMS exercises expression muscle, firms skin, and lifts V-shape face.

EMS intelligent micro-electronic muscle movement cosmetic technique, exercises deep expression muscles, one minute usage equivalent to 30-minute muscle exercise, firms skin and lifts V-shape face.

ION exporting, clean deep dirt and makeup from inside to outside

ION exporting technique, penetrates deep into pores to completely clean away dirt and makeup.

ENI electroporation nutrient importing technique,directly imports active ingredients into cells and achieve deep and effective absorption.

Adopting the latest ENI electroporation nutrient importing technique, place the cells in electric field, thus the cell membrane would be transparent, and then import macromolecule nutrients such into the cells by electric impulse, so as to achieve nourishing effect which is dozens of times better than that of common absorption and importation.

COOL ice radio wave,shrinks pores and makes the skin smooth and flawless

COOL ice radio wave can be applied after RF, EMS skincare process, and rapidly cools the skin down, shrinks pores and ease redness and other symptoms.

Professional cosmetic tool needs professional operation. nanoSkin smart tender skin apparatus has collected empirical data from professional beauty institutions, taken full consideration of simple operation and high-efficient beauty needs, and has specially setup three intelligent modes as beauty, nutritious and V face-lifting, combining multiple cosmetic techniques and offering the customer with more convenient and efficient professional operation.

Beauty mode

RF + ION --->RF + ENI
---> RF+EMS --->Cool

Fully intelligent operation, one key selection, get rejuvenation after 15-minute usage, the effect of which can rival with the skincare in professional beauty institution.

Nutritious mode

RF+Positive Ion --->RF+ENI Electroporation---> Cool

Three steps, 10-minute simple operation, nanoSkin offers you professional skincare effect which can rival with that from expensive beauty salon.

V face-lifting mode

RF+ EMS ---> Cool

Two steps, 9-minute simple operation, and you will get lift and firm V shape face, and amazing face slimming effect. nanoSkin helps you build beautiful facial contour.

Customized beauty , your exclusive right

Free beauty mode, you can customize your own most suitable beauty plan according to your situation

Note: Advise those self beauty people or who clearly know some kinds of beauty technology to adopt this function

Before and after use

screen shot of customer testing on canton fair, absolutly ture, no PS

Product specification

Charging voltage: DC9V

Completely charging time :About 3 hours and a half

Battery capacity:650mAH

Function of up and down keys: Adjust the gear

Screen size: 1.5 inches

Function of OK key:Confirmation, Start up/Power off, Pause

Gears: 5 gears

Temperature detecting range of environmental responding: Under 70℃

Function of left and right keys:Choose

Temperature detecting range of skin: 35-45℃

Humidity detecting range of environmental responding:1-100%

Screen pixel: 240*220

Diagram of product structure


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