How to choose a radio frequency beauty instrument?


The beginner wants to fight against aging, but the products on the market are mixed and dazzling. If you choose the wrong thing that costs thousands of dollars, it really hurts.

The first choice for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation is the radio frequency beauty instrument from NanoTime Beauty. Today, I will share a super detailed explanation and teach you how to choose! !


Same : They all have four major functions : RF, EMS, ION, and ENI .

lRF is a radio frequency beauty function, which can heat up the dermis layer, enhance the activity and metabolism of collagen cells, and at the same time open the pores to keep the skin in a relaxed state, rejuvenate the skin, make the skin smooth and delicate, and fight against micro-aging;

lEMS is an intelligent micro-electric muscle massage function, which can lift and tighten and shape the V-face;

lION is an ion export technology that cleans dirt and makeup from the  deeply clean the skin throughly ;

lENI is the electroporation introduction function, which is used when applying essence water lotion or mask.



【How to choose】

● First of all, we recommend the most cost-effective one, which is our "F81". It not only has complete functions, but also has a smart screen with "fool" operation. In addition to achieving the overall effect of normal skin care, you don't need to think about how to use it, just follow the prompts. And the price is moderate, suitable for most people, and it will never go into the pit if you choose it! !

The main target group is: all people who love beauty and want to become beautiful.


● "F82" and "F82C" also have the functions of anti-aging and lifting, deep cleaning and nutrition introduction. The difference is that "F82" has no cold compress function. People who need to shrink pores and tighten skin can choose "F82C" ”, otherwise “F82” can be selected.

The main target groups are: first-time anti-aging old white, student party, newcomers to beauty equipment, and people with a general budget.




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